Housewife credit without guarantor

Loans for housewives without guarantors

Loans for housewives without guarantors

The credit note for the housewife without private credit with guarantee and without private credit In case of missing or low income a guarantee can be advantageous. Housewife credit comparison – The best service provider for a credit

The Housewife Loan is basically a small or million loan without it. The Housewife Credit can be applied for by people without their own salary. The term housewife credit comes from the time when the woman mainly took over the household while the wife had a job. The housewife loan was granted by the credit institutions because they were economically secured by the spouse’s income.

In the meantime, the Housewife Loan is no longer aimed solely at the home buyers of households, but basically at anyone who does not have their own salary and is therefore not considered creditworthy. But even low-income consumers can claim it if they have another cover. Usually, this loan is a smaller amount between EUR 5000 and EUR 5000.

You must be a national, have reached the age of 18 and be secured by the income of your partner. If the spouse does not have their own salary, those who are interested have the following options: You can provide a guarantor who will make the payments as soon as the borrower can no longer afford them.

If the homeowner loan is used to buy the home, the home bank can transfer the home as a security transfer. A housewife loan is usually not possible without a guarantor. However, the prospects of success increase if the loan volume is applied for together with the earnings partner. The period should be as short as possible to keep the total cost of the loan as low as possible.

Interest rate with guarantor

Interest rate with guarantor

The interest can be reduced by a guarantor, a second borrower or a substantial security. Also important is the annual percentage of the fee, which also includes additional costs such. B. includes processing costs. How much can the loan be? Before accepting the housewife credit, interested parties should first determine what the amount of the loan can be.

It should also include expenses that arise only once a year or half-year. Extraordinary expenses, such as car repairs, should also be included in the budget as much as possible. The most important feature is the annual percentage, which also includes all ancillary costs for the loan. If the financial institution offers the option of an unscheduled repayment, it should be free of charge in order to keep the overall costs low. the cost of repayment is low.

The Housewife Credit grants the consumer without fixed interest capital the advantage that he gets a small loan and does not conduct private credit interrogations. The loan, which offers favorable conditions to non- and low-earners, can be used without any hindrance. With a guarantor or a second borrower, lending is difficult to learn. The applicant then receives a personal loan offer that is initially non-binding and free of charge.

A good choice for housewife credit is the classic installment loan. In addition, the deadlines are usually extended and the loan amounts increase.