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Easy Online Business Loan

Easy Online Business Loan

In the past, applying for a loan was quite difficult and had many conditions. Now, since the presence of fintech or financial technology, online loan businesses have emerged and facilitated the process of borrowing money. Only using cellphones, the lending and borrowing process can be done and money can be liquid quickly.

It’s no secret if the online loan business really makes it easy to borrow money unlike a bank. This convenience seems to come from loan capital originating from the lending company itself or from an individual so it does not involve the bank checking process.

Because of this convenience, many of the prospective online loan application applicants are hesitant and worried so do a little research before submitting it. About 74 percent do research online with lending companies before submitting it. Then, about 72 percent rely on search engines like Google in getting information about online loans.

Even in 2018 yesterday, search growth regarding personal loans increased by 1.5 times greater. The keyword “online loan” is one of the most up to 36 percent of the personal loan category. The increase in the keyword “online loan” is known to have grown to 5 times greater than the previous year.

The growth of the online loan business is expected to help meet the needs of funding and inclusion of payments for the people of Indonesia. Because, for some people, it might be difficult to apply for conventional loans held by banks because they might not fit the criteria of a series of checking processes carried out.

Not only Online Loan Business, the Installment Program Also Increases

Not only Online Loan Business, the Installment Program Also Increases

The presence of e-commerce seems to increase people’s purchasing power. In fact, now the purchases in the installment method also increased thanks to the ease of the installments provided by these e-commerce .

No wonder the current search for e-commerce installments has also increased by 1.9 times. In fact, this one category search is known as one of the fastest growing searches compared to other categories. This also increases the search volume for keywords in general up to 1.7 times than before.

One of the most popular installment programs for prospective customers today is the HP installment program. The keyword “HP installments” increased rapidly in the past year. Among all installment products, it seems like the purchase of a cellphone is still the highest reason for a consumer to start an installment program.

A search that is also high in addition to the HP installments is a car installment program. Apparently, the price of the car is quite high, but the increasing mobility needs of the community make the car installment program also increase. Research from prospective consumers regarding car repayment programs on the internet has also increased. After Eid in 2018, searches for car installment programs on the internet are known to increase by 1.5 times higher than before.

With the increase in the installment program and online loan business, both of these have become hopes for future public financial solutions. Chances are, in the next few years, the fintech business might rival conventional banks. Everything depends on you as the driver of this business. So, for you fintech entrepreneurs , let’s increase the popularity of your business by utilizing this moment. Advertise your online loan products at Google Adwords using the services of Harry Bailly Digital now!